Le Petit Poucet is a French/ English Nursery and Kindergarten situated in the heart of Al Safa 2, Dubai. We provide high quality day care and early education for children aged 6 months through to 6 years old.

Why is Le Petit Poucet special?

  • Bi-lingual Early Childhood program.
  • Accepting children from 6 months age till 6 years.
  • Flexible timings up to 5:30 pm
  • Languages: French and English.
  • French National Curriculum & EYFS.
  • Variety of After-school Activities Programs.
  • Highly qualified and caring Teaching Staff
  • Flexible Half Day and Full Day Options.
  • Exciting fun filled Holiday Camps.
  • Our program filled with play, communication and physical activities enables the children to explore their skills and their intellectual, emotional and creative capacities.

We believe in the value of the environment as a learning tool, that is why we have planned our nursery and preschool with great care to provide an enjoyable, practical, healthy and safe place for our children.

We have created areas for the children to enjoy special activities such as our Soft gym area, mini tennis and mini basketball area, Bicycle riding area and ballet room.

All of our garden areas have been designed with activity, aesthetics and safety in mind complemented with child-friendly plants and shrubs.

After School Activities offered are designed to provide the children with a balanced and harmonious day.

Our Philosophy:

It has been conclusively proven that brain development and the advancement of all key life skills are enormously influenced by the experiences children have while still in their infancy.

This is why Le Petit Poucet offers high quality early education following the French Curriculum and the British national Curriculum (EYFS). Our bilingual program gives parents the option for their children to be taught in French, English and gives the chance for children to be introduced to both languages and prepares them to join different entry levels (FS1, FS2, KG1, KG2, PS or MS) in different curriculums and schools (British, IB, American ,French …).

We understand the importance of children beginning their education in a learning environment that is safe, vibrant, challenging, supportive and based on their own knowledge, interests and experiences.

Benefits of bilingual Education

  • Higher IQ – faster brain development – larger vocab – stronger memory – better problem solving – Higher order – thinking
  • Improved reading/writing – improved overall performance – increase creativity
  • More university opportunities – more job opportunities