Curriculum General

Nursery and kindergarten is a preparatory period in elementary education which essential goals are: socialization, development of vocabulary, number and graphic gesture.

At Le Petit Poucet we provide children with opportunities for learning, self-expression, and self-discovery on a variety of areas.

We offer The French National Curriculum and the British national Curriculum (EYFS).

Our curriculum is tailored for the following age groups:-

Babies: under 18 months of age.

Toddlers: 18 months of age and over up to less than 3 years of age.

Pre-school: 3 -4 years of age.

Language development: The Nursery is perfectly bilingual teaching classes in English and classes in French. In essence, our children will be taught mainly in one language and introduced to the other.

With the choice of core curriculum taught in one of the two mentioned languages, the other language is introduced through fun filled and engaging activities to promote language development.

Activities Designed to provide the children with a balanced and harmonious day. The Lunch is offered at 12:30 pm and the normal school day ends at 1:00 pm, immediately after, the children staying late will be encouraged to rest. Once the children are refreshed there will be time to enjoy an entertaining yet structured play time. Afternoon snack is served at 3:30 pm.

After School activities adapted to the age of the children are many and varied such as football, Capoeira, French as a foreign language and more…

For activities planning, registration and contacts of coordinators please drop us an email to [email protected]

Reporting and Assessing: We understand the individuality of each child and consequently we make careful observations of each and every child we have in order to structure the activities appropriately. All children undergo assessments and receive an evaluation report on a termly basis. We encourage Parents to seek advice and discuss any concerns they may have with regard to their child’s development, with their class teacher.

Unique Child

We all agree and know that our bodies grow at different rates and we reach emotional maturity at different ages. So it shouldn’t be surprising that our brains start maturing before birth and definitely continue to mature throughout our lives, but at a different rate in each individual.

At Le Petit Poucet Nursery and Kindergarten we believe in the above and apply it to our system in both planning and assessment.


All children need to be challenged and nurtured in order to profit and add to their learning journey. Instructions that are above or below the maturity level of a child’s brain is not only inappropriate; it can lead to behaviour problems. A classroom is usually full of students who are about the same age, but it doesn’t mean that they are equally ready to learn a particular concept. So, when designing a lesson we pay particular attention on children’s interest and build on it to help that child enhance and develop his/her skills.

Our daily plan consists of:

  • A maximum of two topic related activities led by the teacher.
  • A minimum of two observation based activities
  • Endless opportunities of child initiated activities


A young child with highly advanced verbal skills may develop gross and fine motor control more slowly and have trouble learning to write clearly. Another child may be advanced in physical development, but not know how to manage his/her social skills. Others may be cognitively advanced but show emotional immaturity. All of the above falls under normal development. To better support the aim of the assessment, we do not have one tick sheet for all children, but we have a more individualized assessment. Assessment occurs through pointing out the strengths and skills a child has achieved. These points are always supported with dated observations or pictures.