The French Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten is an essential step of the course for the students. The children develop their basic faculties, perfect their language and begin to discover the world of writing, the numbers, and other areas of learning. The principal aim of the Kindergarten is to inspire children to learn and to develop personally, emotionally and socially. The success of this is based on the belief that all children are capable of learning and progressing.

The program is divided into five areas of activity:

  • Developing language and discovering writing.
  • Becoming a student.
  • Physical expression.
  • Discovering the world
  • Perceiving, feeling, imagining and creating.

PS and MS are part of the early learning cycle.


We at Le Petit Poucet ensure that our students are ready to join the school of their parent’s choice, this being a French, IB or British School. To achieve this, we are adding few successful teaching methods to the French curriculum:

Each child is unique: A classroom is usually full of students who are about the same age, but it doesn’t mean that they are equally ready to learn a particular concept. So, when designing a lesson we will pay particular attention on children’s interest and build on it to help that child enhance and develop his/her skills.

Positive Relationships: secure relationships between parents and teachers will be a point of focus to ensure that there is continuity of the children’s progress.

Assessments: These will be individualised to each child. They will focus on the strengths and skills a child has achieved, and they will be supported with dated observations or pictures.

Inclusion: Le petit Poucet is an inclusive nursery and Kindergarten. We will encourage and support a wide range of abilities, differing learning styles and competencies across our languages of instruction.