Reopening safely in September



Le Petit Poucet puts in place new security, health and safety protocols, and procedures.
Reopening educational settings during the current pandemic (COVID 19) poses significant challenges worldwide. However, securing the safety of children and staff is our utmost priority. With a combination of new strategies and appropriate logistics, we are confident that we will carry on offering the best bilingual education in Dubai, regardless the mode of learning chosen by the government Authorities.

We are currently updating our policies, procedures, protocols and creating new ones following guidelines and requirements from relevant authorities. To protect children, special measures will positively affect entry, pick up and nursery visits, restrictions, screening and contingency, monitoring attendance, general hygiene and sanitization, class set-up, physical distancing, educational provisions, transportation, foods and beverage (among others).

When they return, we want communities to feel confident in sending their children back to Le Petit Poucet.

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