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Timings & Fees Structure

Seat Booking Fees:

  • Registration Fee: AED 500 (one off payment and fullynon-refundable
  • Medical and Insurance Fee: AED 750 (an annual fee and fullynon-refundable)
  • Booking fee: AED 2000 (non-refundable and totally adjustable towards first term fee)
Nursery Fees per term
Number of days/week 7:30 AM – 1:00 PM 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
3 days (For less than
18 months of age only)
AED 8,950 AED 11,650 AED 12,300
5 days AED 11,650 AED 14,400 AED 16,500

*Registration, Medical and Term fees must be paid in full before the agreed joining date

*The Option of the 3 days for age 18 months and below.

Optional Services:

*Lunch is provided for an additional cost of AED 27/per meal.

* Transportation Service available for an additional fee of:

  • AED 3900 /per term (2 ways)
  • AED 2750 /per term (1way).

*Uniform is mandatory for all children (above 18 months) AED 120/per set (short &T-shirt).

*lunch and uniform fees are including VAT. (Fees are subject to review every academic year)

Additional Costs

  • Parents are also responsible for any additional cost of children attending Le Petit Poucet which include but not limited to educational materials fee; uniform; transportation and field trips organized from time to time.
  • Late pick up fee of 30 AED/hour shall apply where a child is picked up after 15 minutes of regular timings.


  • Term 1 fee due by 1st September. Term 2 fee due by 15th December. Term 3 fee due by 15th March.
  • An invoice will be issued sent and emailed to parents ahead.
  • The academic year is divided into 3 Semesters. Semester 1 runs from September to December; Semester 2 runs from January to March and Semester 3 runs from April to June. The Nursery calendar includes the semester start and finish dates.
  • The Parent/s agrees to provide payment for the Academic Year, either in full (5% discount on fee if full year fee is paid in advance) or by way of 3 cheques (preferable post-dated cheques). These cheques being dated as per the above mentioned dates. Please make all cheques payable to “Le Petit Poucet Nursery”.
  • All Term fees in respect of each following Term must be paid before the end of the current Term.
  • An Advance re-enrollment fee of AED 2,000/- confirms your child’s place at the Nursery. This fee must be paid by the specified deadline for active students who wish to continue at the Nursery for the immediate next academic year. This fee does not include the Registration and Medical Fees and is adjusted against the Term Fee. Failure to make payment by this deadline will result in the child having to reapply as a new student and subject to availability.
  • Re-enrollment fee is refundable only if the Nursery receives written notice that the child is leaving one month prior to the Term Start Date. Otherwise this fee is fully non-refundable.
  • Sibling discount of 10% of tuition fee for the second child.
  • If a child joins the Nursery during a term and his/her place has been held from the beginning of the Term, the full Term Fee/s must be paid.
  • If a child joins the Nursery after the commencement of the Term where the place has not been specifically held, the Nursery shall decide the applicable adjusted Term Fee.
  • No discounts, refunds, reductions or transfers in the Term Fees will be given, for any reason whatsoever, after the Term Start Date including if your child is absent, leaves the Nursery during a Term or a child’s registration is cancelled.
  • The Nursery only accepts cash, cheques or bank transfers. Should a cheque be dishonored for any reason whatsoever, an ad- ministration fee of AED 200 shall be charged for each returned  cheque.
  • The Nursery reserves the right to cancel a child’s registration should applicable fees not be paid in a timely fashion and/or the Nursery decide, for any reason whatsoever, the child is not suited to the Nursery environment or the parents are not accepting the Nursery rules and regulations as per UAE Federal Law regarding Nurseries (administered by the Ministry of Social Affairs).
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