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The French Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten is an essential step of the course for the students. The children develop their basic faculties, perfect their language and begin to discover the world of writing, the numbers, and other areas of learning. The principal aim of the Kindergarten is to inspire children to learn and to develop personally, emotionally and socially.  The success of this is based on the belief that all children are capable of learning and progressing.

The program is divided into five areas of activity:

  • Developing language and discovering writing.
  • Becoming a student.
  • Physical expression.
  • Discovering the world
  • Perceiving, feeling, imagining and creating.

PS and MS are part of the early learning cycle.



A safe environment, rich with opportunities for your baby to explore, learn and grow.

A child’s first two years are critical for the development of the brain and language development. During this period, the child’s life experiences play a fundamental role in the “hard-wiring” of the brain, laying the foundation for intellectual and emotional development.
From birth, babies are busy and active learners. They quickly investigate the sights, sounds, and “feel” of the world. Babies and toddlers explore the world with their senses when developing motor skills. Long before they understand the concept of propositions, their bodies are learning to navigate within the space around them. Consequently, they are able to differentiate between sizes, colours, and shapes.

Most importantly, we provide children with what they need: a safe environment, rich with opportunities to explore, natural sensory materials, books, songs, a lot of listening and responding to their vocalisations and words


An exciting world where toddlers develop their independence, discover new objects and explore their powers to communicate

A child’s third year is a time of great change. Similar to adolescence in that it is transitional, Two year-olds’ are moving from being fully dependent of an adult to the world of preschoolers. They explore their powers to communicate, move purposely, assert their independence and individuality, and control their main body functions.
We provide the appropriate challenges and relaxed environment that children of that age need. Our staff understand their frequent mood changes, interests and capabilities. They provide supportive and consistent teaching in a peaceful environment.



Young learners build their skills and confidence, solve problem and increasingly gain a better understanding of the world.

As children move from toddlerhood to pre-school years, the programme for learning evolves into a more structured pace of meaningful and purposeful learning where children are encouraged to approach the world in different ways. At this stage, children need the confidence, the skills and the desire to think for themselves, solve problems, work with others and communicate.
Le Petit Poucet programme for learning is designed to lay the pedagogical foundations that prepare children to :

Read confidently, equipped with the desire, vocabulary, and language-deciphering skills that they have developed through meaningful experiences.

Approach the world with the knowledge, skills and curiosity that lead to success in math’s and science, such as growing interest in the properties of things, the relationships and forces that exist in the natural world.

Use social skills like listening, self-discipline, patience, ability to work with others and problem solving to perform in a classroom. Our preschool program for learning builds on the children’s knowledge, skills, learning style, and interests. Through various projects, children investigate the fascinating world in which they live, enhancing the development of emerging knowledge and skills. A balance of child-initiated and adult-planned guided learning across key areas is provided throughout the day.



Our Kindergarten is set up to guide and support children throughout their early learning journey and equip them with the skills and abilities to succeed at school level and beyond.

Developing Confident Mathematicians
Mathematics is embedded in everything we do. For young children, sitting on the second chair, helping to set the table, finding a matching sock, cutting toast in half, sitting in a circle, walking through a rectangular door are all examples of everyday practical mathematics. Teachers support children to understand the purpose and the importance of mathematics in their life, and promote their confidence to succeed at school. Le Petit Poucet learning approach creates opportunities that help children develop an understanding of simple mathematical concepts. Carefully planned learning environments support children in developing their skills and abilities as mathematicians in action. Adult-guided activities make them realise progressively that what they are doing is mathematical.

Developing Confident Readers
Research is demonstrating the significant influence that daily reading has on children’s development. Our approach inspires a love for books and stories. It nurtures the desire to be a reader and a creator of stories. By spending time together unlocking doorways to enchanted worlds and exploring the connections between written and spoken words, we help children to grow into confident and lifelong readers. We bring together home and nursery life, providing parents with some of the theories behind developing children’s reading skills. We give handy Hints & Tips, recommend reading lists of Books of excellence and suggest fun activities for parents and children to explore together.

Developing Confident Writers
The journey to becoming a confident writer begins when a child experiments with creating different-shaped marks, be it with a crayon, or simply moving a finger on a steamed up window or through the spilt tomato sauce. Enjoyable adult-guided activities such as threading, weaving, sewing and printing are essential for developing the co-ordination skills needed to hold and manipulate a pencil/pen and master the complex skills of handwriting.
Our approach supports the magical journey from making a mark to emergent writing, then confident writer, laying the foundational skills that enable children to succeed. Most importantly, we nourish the inspiration and desire to write, exploring the connection between written and spoken words through play and communication.

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