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Our Philosophy

It has been established that the brain development and the advancement of all key life skills are highly influenced by experiences children encounter during infancy.

Hence, Le Petit Poucet Nursery offers high quality early education following the French Curriculum and the British national Curriculum (EYFS). We understand the importance of children starting their education in a learning environment that is safe, vibrant, challenging, supportive, and based on their own interests, knowledge and experiences.

Benefits of bilingual education

Our bilingual program gives parents the option for their children to be taught in French and English, and gives the chance for children to be introduced to both languages and prepares them to join different entry levels (CP, Grade 1 and Year 2) in different schools (French, British, International Baccalaureate , American, etc.).

Dear LPP Parents and Partners,

Kindly be informed that the nursery will be closed temporarily for children effective tomorrow 1st March 2020 as instructed by the UAE Ministry of Education an hour ago.

This is a precautionary measure only to ensure children’s safety.

We will update you as soon as we get any updates from the ministry.

LPP Management