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  • Complimentary morning snack offered by the nursery. Optional lunch service is available upon request and for an additional fee.
  • Parents may prepare their child’s lunch and use a temperature controlled labeled container. We have the facility to refrigerate or warm up foods at the nursery if required.
  • Healthy food program prepared following Dietitian’s advice and catered by an experienced supplier offers a balance menu and snacks (natural and unprocessed foods).
  • Menus are updated and shared with parents on regular basis.
  • Parents must inform the management of any diet requirements or allergies their child may have.
  • Afternoon snack for children is provided by parents
  • Any meal changes must be notified to the administration office the Wednesday preceding the first day of the week
Individual special diets and allergies are taken into consideration during the preparation of our foods.

Menus are different each week. We ask you to inform the management of any special food related requirements your child may have.

If child is registered for the full day timing (till 5:30pm), please provide an extra afternoon snack from home.

Meal timings are:

  • 9:00 am First Snack

  • 12:30 pm Lunch

  • 3:30 pm Second Snack

In order to subscribe for Lunch please fill the

Lunch Request Form

The menus will be available on our mobile app.



  • Optional bus service is available for an additional fee. This service is provided by a professional outsourced transportation company.
  • To register, parents must provide us with a clear location map before the start of service (Subject to availability).
  • Any changes with regards to location and timings should be reported to the administration office at least one week in advance (on Wednesday, at the latest).
  • The nursery will inform parents in the event of any changes or delays. Car seat must be provided by parents before the starting date.
  • For safety reasons, a RTA licensed bus supervisor from the nursery is present at all times on the bus.
  • Parents are required to drop their child at the bus door and collect him/her from the bus door.
  • Our buses use the 3-point seat belt system (no ISOFIX system for car seats)

If you require the transportation service kindly fill the Transport Request Form and email it to [email protected]



The uniform is worn with pride. It engenders a sense of belonging to our little community.

All children are requested to wear Uniform when attending nursery, when participating in a Nursery-organized event and when participating in field trips.

You may purchase our practical and smart uniform from the nursery.

We recommend at least two complete sets of the uniform per child.

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