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Talent Academy

Le Petit Poucet and AFC launch the LPP/AFC Talent Academy!

Dear Parents,

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our partnership with AFC in our quest to discover and
enhance children's abilities and skills. At LPP, we believe that every child is born with a gift, and that this
gift should be enhanced.

The AFC is a highly regarded sports academy in Dubai, which includes mainly highly qualified and
experienced long-term French coaches/athletes specialized in teaching, mentoring and guiding children
through their sporting journey.

Throughout the year, in partnership with the AFC team, the Talent Academy will provide targeted
physical and sporting activities to develop each child's potential. They will be trained, guided, observed
and evaluated during these activities by the coaches, in different disciplines. The aim is to identify,
develop and strengthen the child's physical and emotional abilities and preferences. At the end of the
school year, parents will receive a full sports assessment of their child, which will enable them to choose
the sport in which they will excel.

Examples of activities :

  • Hand and foot ball handling, trajectory, games, challenges (team sports).
  • Art of movement, gymnastic activities, learning to find their bearings in space.
  • Development of fine motor skills (racket sports).
  • Learning to run, jump, throw, etc.
  • Learning to move forward, stop, manage/anticipate one's movements, develop balance (sliding sports).

With the aim of constantly improving the learning journey of all children, the LPP/AFC Talent Academy
will offer LPP children and outsiders the opportunity to discover their talent and train with the best
coaches in Dubai, in a safe and secure environment.
Don't miss your chance and see you soon!

For more information, please contact us:
Toll free number: 800 PETIT (800 73848)
[email protected]